My Ideal Library!

04/12/12  Portland, Ore.


Students attending the Library's Mardi Gras Student Open House, February 2012, share their thoughts on their ideal library!

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012, the OHSU Library held its annual Student Open House with a Mardi Gras theme. Asked what their “ideal library” would be if they could be “queen” or “king” for a day, here is how they responded:

  • My favorite books and my dad the librarian.
  • Fireplace, comfy chairs, study area. Without unscientific health advice books (hint, hint). Tours and talks about the books in the historical section.
  • A quiet, clean, well lit room with comfortable study chairs all at a consistent 67 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Clean and pristine! Plenty of group study rooms. Many windows.
  • Study rooms with white boards and colorful dry erase markers. J
  • Lots of study rooms. Clean and quiet.
  • More group rooms. I really like this library though! J
  • Brightly lit study rooms with thick walls – lots of them!
  • Will be open late for those late studiers. Has coffee and fast computers at big desk with comfortable chairs! Lots of lights for reading.
  • Plenty of study rooms with computers in the rooms.
  • Espresso stand in the lobby. Dedicated quiet floor with many comfy chairs and plants and cubicles. Lockers to keep books in. Additional computers with large desks.
  • Alexandria! (I mean the old one).
  • Has many comfortable chairs.
  • Well lit workstations and friendly environment.
  • Quiet and free food and coffee.
  • Beer and a giant TV to play Blazers games.
  • Free beer every day. And books. And more online journals.
  • Add Addictions Biology to the journals online.
  • Apparently THIS is my ideal library!
  • Add more research software.
  • Comfortable, quiet study spaces. Lots of white boards. A view!
  • Snow making machine and a sick booter off the 4th floor.
  • My ideal library – hammock, computers, relaxing, food, good books both educational and fun (drawing of hammock between two palm trees with sunshine).
  • My ideal library would have a coffee bar, soft music and a reflecting pool with oversized chairs to sit in and relax while reading/studying.
  • Unlimited course texts and a snow-cone machine.
  • Mardi Gras party EVERY DAY!!!!
  • Online course texts for all of my classes! More personal places to study. Dark mahogany everything!
  • Mahogany. Luxurious reading chairs. Ladders on tracks. Double wraparound grand staircase. Dustier “old stacks”.
  • Free coffee for all guests. Smells of rich mahogany. Many leather bound books J. Places to nap. LOTS of windows.
  • More study break events at night, but otherwise very similar to this one!
  • A computer or computer access for after hours studying.
  • 24-hours open. A cafe' to encourage social activities. Renting out more multimedia supplies (laptop, projector, speakers…)
  • Would include more STATA stations and milkshakes.
  • More quiet study areas.
  • A full service bar and lounge.
  • Hot water J
  • Couches to lay on!
  • More licenses on access med!
  • Open 24 hrs/day, quiet/clean study rooms, free coffee! Free earplugs. Access to my OHSU H:\ drive on library computers. Free dental board prep material.
  • Soft couches – multiple!!! Without anti-sleep bars (i.e. OHSU hospital)
  • Cushy chairs at all hours!
  • No construction during finals/midterms, please. The dental and medical programs have different schedules. Study room reservations? Thanks!
  • Open 24 hours, quiet study rooms.