Library Publishes in PLoS Biology

06/07/12  Portland, Ore.

The OHSU Library Ontology Development Group has recently published an article in PLoS Biology. Chosen as one of the “Weekly Editors’ Picks”, the study, “Dealing with Data: A Case Study on Information and Data management” has already received more than 2,000 views and almost 400 downloads . Drawing upon their experience in developing and participating in the eagle-i Network, a nation-wide network of research resource repositories, Drs. Melissa Haendel, Nicole Vasilevsky and Jackie Wirz explore some of the challenges that researchers, libraries and institutions face while making data freely available. Mixing discussion of the semantic web, science and data together, the article exemplifies a new and emerging role for libraries in the scientific research cycle. Data sharing confusion? The solution may be as close as your local library!
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