Nick Peterson


User Support Analyst

503-494-4799 #12384 pager  

Major responsibilities

  • Together with Linh Le, provides computer support to Library staff and patrons. This involves many things including, but not limited to:

- Installation, maintenance, support of computers, printers and other electronic devices
- Support for core software such as MS Office, Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.
- Liaison with ITG for dealing with the ordering of new equipment, obtaining replacements to broken or malfunctioning equipment, receiving and reporting on updates pertaining to major infrastructure changes, etc.
- Provide documentation and tips on important functions and features of much of the software we use in the library

  • Evaluates and develops many in-house scripts and applications that run the gamut from security software that manages our floor computers, batch scripts/macros that automate data manipulation to scripts that deliver customized reporting based on user's needs.
  • Manages inhouse library server that hosts our wiki, blog, and trouble ticket tracking system.
  • Works with Innovative Oracle tables to provide useful ad-hoc queries and make batch updates to records in our catalog.
  • Work with Laura/Carla frequently to help code many of our third-tier web pages that interface with the Oracle tables.


Outside of work

When Nick is not toiling away at the library he is usually out making movies.