Kent Shefchek

Bioinformatics Software Engineer
503 494-0547

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop the Monarch web application, including interactive data visualizations
  • Maintain and develop the Monarch API and data ingest pipeline


  • B.S. in Biological Sciences University of Maryland, College Park
  • M.S. in Biotechnology, Specialization in Bioinformatics University of Maryland, University College


  • Blanchard TG, Czinn SJ, Correa P, Nakazawa T, Keelan M, Morningstar L, Santana-Cruz I, Maroo A, McCracken C, Shefchek K, Daugherty S, Song Y, Fraser CM, and Florian Fricke W. (2013). Genome Sequences of 65 Helicobacter pylori Strains Isolated from Asymptomatic Individuals and Patients with Gastric Cancer, Peptic Ulcer Disease, or Gastritis. Pathogens and Disease. 68(2):39-43.
  • Witzel K, Gwinn-Giglio M, Nadendla S, Shefchek K, and Ruppel S. (2012). Genome sequence of Enterobacter radicincitans DSM16656(T), a plant growth-promoting endophyte. Journal of Bacteriology. 194(19):5469.
  • Tettelin H, Sampaio EP, Daugherty SC, Hine E, Riley DR, Sadzewicz L, Sengamalay N, Shefchek K, Su Q, Tallon LJ, Conville P, Olivier KN, Holland SM, Fraser CM, and Zelazny AM. (2012). Genomic insights into the emerging human pathogen Mycobacterium massiliense. Journal of Bacteriology. 194(19):5450.