The OHSU ontology development group is an interdisciplinary group led by Dr. Melissa Haendel. An ontology is a formal representation of domain knowledge in the form of concepts and how they relate to each other within the domain. Ontologies are developed in many different domains, but share four common goals: 1) Represent what is known , 2) Infer what is not otherwise obvious, 3) promote the discovery of new insights from exploration and manipulation of complex data and 4) provide context and intuitive navigation during the exploration process.

The Ontology Development team joined the library in 2009. Our team leads the Monarch Initiative and CTSAconnect projects, and contributes to the ontology development and OHSU data maintainance for the eagle-i Network. We are currently working towards ontological representation of persons and their roles and expertise in research, biological specimens and pathological anatomy, reagents and cell lines, cross-species anatomy, best practices for use of ontologies in software applications and publication of Linked Open Data, and ontology reuse and interoperability.

The OHSU Ontology Development Group serves the OHSU research community in support of their data management and analysis needs.