Student Scholarship Reports

2014 GHC Student Summer Scholarship Reports

Buddha Tower

Jenny Kan, OHSU MD Candidate 2017 - GHC FINAL Report  Understanding the Use of Intravenous (IV) Therapy in Zhenjiang City and Its Influence on China's Public Health

Jenny Kan, OHSU MD Candidate 2017 - GHC Scholarship Mid-experience Report
Holly Lee in Palau

Holly Lee, RN, MPH Candidate, 2016 - GHC FINAL Report
Perceptions of Underage Drinking Among Teens and Parents in Palau 

Holly Lee, RN MPH Candidate, 2016 - GHC Scholarship Mid-experience Report

Two Chairs - Northern Peru
Two Chairs Peru

Michelle Beam, OHSU MD Candidate 2017 - GHC Mid-Experience Report:  Community-based Interventions in Areas of Endemic Neurocysticercosis in Northern Peru.  Mid-experience report

 I mentioned that we could work in groups of three to interview the family members about the burden of headache in their daily lives. The head doctor quickly responded that that would be too many people in one house and moreover, many people only have two chairs. This made me smile. While it's a simple insight, it's insights like these that make the researchers and health workers at the Cysticercosis Working Group true experts in what they do.

The project members had to test the gringo veterinarian's venipuncture skills!

Elena Phoutrides, OHSU MD/MPH Candidate 2017 - GHC Mid-Experience Report: Impact of Community Education on Maternal Health in Tigray, EthiopiaMid-experience report

Joe Reistetter, OHSU MD Candidate 2017 - GHC Mid-Experience Report: Participating in a Tapeworm Control Project and Teaching a Global Information Systems (GIS) Workshop. Mid-experience report