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Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Summer Global Health Certificate Program

Einstein introduces a 12-credit certificate program, where students learn about the challenges of addressing health issues in resource poor settings.

University of Arizona Global Health Course  

GLOBAL HEALTH: CLINICAL AND COMMUNITY CARE (FCM 896A) at the University of Arizona is a full-time (80 class hours) interactive, practical course preparing fourth-year North American clinical medical students, residents and other clinicians for health care experience abroad.  Visiting participants receive 3-4 weeks' elective credit at their home institution (which must arrange the actual overseas preceptorship).  The class is limited to 24. 

For information and application forms, see Web: http://www.globalhealth.arizona.edu  or contact:  

Ronald Pust, MD or Tracy Carroll, MPH, PT, University of Arizona College of Medicine Dept. of Family and Community Medicine P.O. Box 245052  Tucson AZ  85724                                                     

Arleen Heimann, program coordinator Phone: (520) 626-1992

Information from Africa

Interested in Africa, consider signing up on this listserv which provides the most incredible near-daily stream of information from Africa.  While it is directed at "industrial hygienists", it really offers much more. 

International Program in Occupational Health Practice

The International Program in Occupational Health Practice is specifically designed for health care providers such as physicians and nurses who provide occupational health services to employees in companies or governments around the world. This program also benefits health care professionals who provide occupational health services in other settings such as occupational health clinics, unions, or governmental agencies. Professionals who are engaged in management of occupational health services, such as technicians, engineers and managers, occupational hygienists, occupational safety professionals, and health technicians can join the program but need to be aware of its health focus. The program provides professional training for an international group of participants. It does not focus on the situation in a particular country.

This year's class is underway, however, the contact information remains the same, see:  Details

Mayan Medical Aid

Mayan Medical Aid offers global health educational projects which include medical and dental Spanish, an International Medical & Dental Promoter School and a medical Spanish self-study course. The base of operations is Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, where they serve approximately 10,000 indigenous and poverty-stricken inhabitants on the North shore of the magnificently beautiful Lake Atitlán. The daily schedule allows time for didactic teaching, clinical practice, and medical and dental health promotion in and outside of the Clinic. Scholarships available. Details

STEER | South Texas Environmental Education and Research

STEER transforms current and future health professionals by providing a compelling, community-based, educational experience that allows them to make the connection between the environment, public health and medicine.

Hiking with a local herbal expert who was featured on NPR for his encyclopedic knowledge of herbal medicine and traditional folk healing (curanderismo) and their importance for Hispanic populations. Visiting homes of children with asthma to identify sources of indoor air pollutants and help their families reduce these exposures (environmental house calls). Touring a local landfill to learn the importance of proper sanitary waste disposal to human health. Water sampling, with students wearing hip waders in the Rio Grande River to learn about the importance of protecting the Rio Grande River, the community’s sole drinking water source and formerly one of the Nation’s most polluted bodies of water. Visiting colonias to learn about the unique healthcare challenges faced by low-income, underserved communities that lack one or more basic services, including water, electricity and sewage disposal.

This program is offered as an elective on specific dates in both Laredo and Harlingen, TX. Details