Concentration in GH Studies

Rhino nursing



This program provides a broad global health educational perspective so that enrollees may learn to "operate" successfully in the global realm. Developing competence to effectively negotiate complex health, cross-cultural, and social issues in our ever-changing world is the objective. Graduates of this innovative program will enter the workforce prepared to communicate, introduce, adapt, supervise, or implement policies, technologies, and research agendas appropriate to varied and challenging environments where one may choose to be engaged.


Program Requirements: Epidemiology MPH core and required courses are compulsory. A modest selection of varied social science electives with a global perspective – offered at PSU and OHSU – that address social determinants and "non-medical" factors impacting health and well-being are part of this expanded curriculum. In addition, introductory training in some form of skills development ("blue collar trades" – non-credit pass/fail course of the student's choosing) is required. Global health professionals, who practice and consult overseas in low resource settings, will appreciate the value of learning these additional "hands-on" skills. The Global Health Center believes this unique aspect of graduate school training will serve students well in their future careers, whether they are involved in a planning, problem-solving, construction, or supervisory capacity.

Course program documents and application etc. are listed on the MPH site.


Please note: This program is only open to students who have matriculated into the MPH, Epidemiology Track of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.

Space is limited. If you have any questions about the Concentration in Global Health Studies, please contact Dr. Jay Kravitz.

Jay D. Kravitz MD, MPH, Senior Instructor, Global Health Center; 503.494.0387

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
For inquiries, please contact the PHPM Education Office:, 503-494-2012