Meet Nina Katovic

Nina Katovic

"To know and not do, is not to know."

Nina Katovic, MA, President OHSU Student Council NS4, OHSU School of Nursing OSNA President


I have been at OHSU for almost 10 years, first as an employee at the OHSU Cancer Institute, and then as a student at the School of Nursing, and I have had some fantastic experiences while I have been here.

Topping this list has been my experience with the Global Health Center.  I feel that the opportunity to participate in the integrated course across disciplines examining global health issues, "Global Health In Changing Environments" has been the highlight of my education and experience at OHSU.  The topics covered and the dialogue among students, researchers and faculty that accompanied these topics stimulated my learning and challenged me to think outside the box.  This course ranks at the top, next to my Epidemiology/Population-Based Care nursing course, as my favorite of the coursework I have completed at OHSU.

It is this collaborative and integrative approach across disciplines that I believe will guide students to become the future leaders in health care.  I feel very lucky that the GHC exists at OHSU - and I hope that more students will take advantage of everything the GHC has to offer.