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Interprofessional Global Health Education GHC Article in Academic Medicine

Interprofessional Global Health Education in a Cosmopolitan Community of North America: The iCHEE Experience, Valerie S. Palmer, Rajarshi Mazumder & Peter S. Spencer, Academic Medicine: journal of the Association of the American Medical Colleges, Jun 2014, 10p.  Full text

Global Health Center (GHC) Courses:  Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Activity

More than 1,000 interprofessional students have completed our courses since Academic Year 2008!

The Global Health Center has been committed to inter-professional education (IPE) from Fall 2007.  The following chart assess the total number of inter-professional students educated by the Center from Academic Years 2008 through Winter of Academic Year 2014, and health care professionals from Fall 2008 through Fall 2013. View GHC IPE chart

Curriculum and policy recommendations for OHSU Global Health Education

A comprehensive, scientific educational model at OHSU to prepare 21st century professionals must include training across disciplines. While health professions education is governed by requisite training within the realms of specific vocational choices, a campus-wide curriculum that delves into the broad influences of society, appropriate technologies, politics, psychology, public health, research, communication, ethics, environmental factors, economics, and public policy, amongst others, is essential. This "White Paper" offers a guide to integrate multiple competencies into OHSU programs, so that graduates are prepared to navigate successfully our complex, global landscape throughout their careers.  Curriculum recommendations

Global Health Education

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  • Establishing centralized repositories of information on global health education, including: courses at OHSU, PSU, OSU and other area universities and online curricula; faculty and community members with global health expertise who are willing to mentor students; global health curriculum development projects; immigrant and refugee programs in the Portland area willing to host students; past programs attended by students in other countries.
  • Designate local global health preceptorships, internships and research experiences, with approval and assistance from each professional school’s academic dean.
  • Develop interdisciplinary coursework related to global health, with the goal of progressive implementation of a full global health curriculum within five years.
  • Pursue funding for global health education.
  • Facilitate networking and mentoring for students, residents and postgraduates with faculty and community members with experience and expertise in global health.
  • Host OHSU-wide educational fora related to global health, including symposia, seminars and lectureships