GH Residents - Education

Curricular Goals and Opportunities:

  • To leverage the expertise and resources offered by the GHC /OHSU Global and OHSU faculty,
  • To create a sustainable and rich environment for global health offerings with specific considerations for physicians participating in graduate medical education or residency programs,
  • To offer cross disciplinary offerings in core subjects and enrichment curriculum,
  • To ensure all residents (in or outside the respective tracks) that plan to travel have pre-travel orientation and post-travel debriefing with a focus on resident wellness.

Education Modules

Interdisciplinary Library in Global Health modules are offered through the University of Minnesota in partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This online global health education is comprised of a variety of self-paced, clinically oriented courses, providing critical knowledge and skills not easily acquired through traditional avenues of instruction. Lectures are from local and international faculty and delivered by video lecture and PowerPoint.


Directions:  If you have OHSU library access, click on the library link below and scroll down to the Interdisciplinary Library in Global Health and click on the HERE link in the library text to follow the instructions to set up a guest account and then log on to the modules.  OHSU library link OR try University of Minnesota Guest Login information


  • Introduction to Health Care for Immigrant and Refugee Populations
  • Disaster Response and Clinical Medicine in Resources Limited Settings
  • Public Health and Non-communicable Disease in Developing Countries
  • Parasitic Infections
  • Bacterial, Mycobacterial (TB) and Fungal Infections
  • Viral Infections
  • Travel Medicine

OHSU's Professionals' Training in Global Health

A Sakai site with recorded lectures and pdfs of Powerpoints will be available to OHSU residents and students in the Fall 2014.  Details to be determined.

Consortium of Universities for Global Health Modules

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health has a vast array of global health educational modules, free online.  View CUGH Modules

The modules have the following characteristics:

  • Range of course levels from introductory to more advanced courses
  • Designed for medical, public health, nursing & other health profession students as well as undergraduates
  • Usable in either instructor-led or self-instructional mode
  • Regional focuses and translated modules are available
  • Developed in partnership with student organizations, NGOs and universities
  • Student and peer-reviewed
  • Approved by CUGH’s Educational Program Committee