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Conversations in Global Health

Conversations in Global Health is now being offered as a 1 credit elective for OHSU students while still being open to faculty, staff and the public. The sessions are on Wednesdays, usually bi-weekly, however, we remain flexible to accommodate presenter's schedules.  Conversations will be in Mackenzie Hall Seminar Room 1162 unless otherwise noted. Details


Global Health Epidemiology (PH567)

Global Health practice is grounded in the challenging discipline of public health. This course explores the interrelated complexities of social, political, economic, and environmental factors that govern health in our world. A multidisciplinary faculty will discuss infectious diseases, refugees, public policy, risk communication, research, environmental health, and simulate outbreak investigations.  This course is taught in the Winter Quarter, on Fridays from 2 to 5pm,  For more information, please contact Course Director,  Dr. Jay D. Kravitz

Global Health in Changing Environments

The Course introduces the student to environmental forces that shape health, disease and injury across the globe. Environmental factors include: climate, conflict, culture, economics, ethics, government, nutrition, occupation, and other social determinants, to name a few. Each weekly module comprises before-class preparatory readings plus in-class didactic presentations, focused small-group topic discussion, student presentation of opposing positions on prescribed propositions relating to health challenges and interventions, followed by class debate and voting to identify favored positions. Students will be required at course outset to select a population for which they will develop a deep understanding as the course evolves. Principles developed in each weekly session will be used to shape and advance understanding of the student's chosen population. By the end of the course, the student will have prepared an essay that describes the forces that shape health in the population of interest. Details

inter-professional Community Health and Educational Exchange (iCHEE)

This program has been developed to bring teams of OHSU health professionals and students together with communities of refugees and underserved populations to promote an exchange of information focused on health and disease prevention in a culturally sensitive manner. This community encounter includes a cross-school faculty-staff-student team led by OHSU’s Valerie Palmer, who is the course director.  Students and faculty mentors from all four schools (Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy) work together in this landmark program. Details

Health and Illness in Context

  • What is it like to be homeless & addicted in Portland?  
  • What are the barriers to recovery & reintegration?
  • Which local organizations facilitate this process? 
  • How can our social safety net be improved? 

This elective was conceived by the Global Health Alliance Chair and School of Medicine student Matthew Iles-Shih and developed in collaboration with the Central City Concern Old Town Clinic. The course explores the social determinants of health, homelessness, addiction, treatment and recovery within the downtown safety net . Students are learning from those who have been there and back, about life on the streets and services available to homeless individuals. They explore Chinatown and Old Town’s diverse community resources and strive to understand the challenges and barriers to leaving street life behind. Details

Professionals' Training in Global Health (PTGH)

Professionals' Training in Global Health (PTGH) offers comprehensive training in global medicine for those who want to volunteer overseas. This program is for physicians, nurses, NPs and PAs with an active Oregon or Washington medical license who are interested in training for medical work in low income countries, including disaster relief.The next training will be in the fall of 2012 on Thursdays and Fridays, for 11 weeks from September 6 to November 16, 2012 . Details ⇒