Global Health in Changing Environments: Frameworks for Global Health



Since its inception in August 2007, the GHC has been awarded a Fogarty Framework for Global Health research education grant, which started September 10, 2008. The purpose of the Framework Grant is two-fold: "to create an administrative framework to bring multiple professional schools (engineering, business, chemistry, biology, communications, public health, medicine, dental, environmental studies, and others) together on the topic of global health, and to develop interdisciplinary global health curricula for undergraduates, graduates, and professional school students."

The grant, entitled, "Global Health in Changing Environments," leverages OHSU’s strengths in environmental science and neurosciences, and in cancer and public health to promote interaction and synergy among individuals engaged in global health activities. The development and maturation of new global health researchers and educators at home and abroad is our intent.

As part of this effort, two complementary research education curricula are under development: (a) a cross-school, interdisciplinary Global Health Baseline Curriculum required for all first-year students and (b) an elective Global Health Certification program designed for medical students, but also accessible to other professional students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, residents and faculty from all participating schools and research institutes. Distinction will be earned through the development, implementation, and publication of a mentored international health research project in a low or middle-income country. The proposed program seeks to increase global health awareness through interdisciplinary and intercultural education and research at home and abroad, including an expansion of international exchanges of faculty and students.

For more information, please contact:
Principal Investigator: Peter S. Spencer, PhD, FRC Path, email:
Co-Principal Investigator: Jay D. Kravitz, MD, MPH, email: