Recycled Supplies Save Lives!

Remedy is a program set up for the recovery of usable materials from the operating rooms, clinics, and research departments throughout OHSU. Instead of being discarded, these materials are collected and sorted for use in our community and abroad. Supplies are donated for medical missions all over the world, sent to Portland area clinics and to local health care professionals who are traveling abroad.

This program is operated by OHSU students in partnership with OCTRI and the Global Health Center. We are happy to announce AY15 student leaders are, Kelsey Priest, MS1 & Matthew French (Senior Research Assistant). Contact if you are interested in donating or receiving supplies, volunteering, or just have a question.

REMEDY Supply Room - AFTER

Current Inventory

Current non-expired inventory: gauze, syringes (5cc-65cc), alcohol wipes, band-aids, needles various gauges, razors, enteral feeding tubes, patient gowns, non-sterile drapes, diapers, BP cuffs, oxygen masks, suction, IV extension, butterfly needles, vacutainer needles, urinals, bedpans, urine cups, surgical gloves, casting materials, splints, portable IV polls, surgical safety glasses, clorhexidine mouth cleaners, and more.

Next Steps

Matt and Kelsey will be doing some brainstorming in the coming weeks (Summer 2014)  in order to set-up a sustainable process for donations and requests for supplies for OHSU providers who are traveling abroad (perhaps a form that is submitted either through the OCTRI bridge site or using a google form). They will also be discussing next steps for requesting supplies from around OHSU/local community.  They welcome your participation!