Community Partnerships

Central City Concern Old Town Clinic

Low-income and homeless people have long known that Old Town Clinic (OTC) offers compassionate and quality health care on a sliding fee scale.  Staff treats these people who otherwise may not get care and does so with dignity and respect, no matter how complex their care. "We do small things, with great love."  Rachel Solotaroff MD, Medical Director

City Bible Church - Multi-cultural Connections

City Bible Church recognizes that people in Portland live in an urban region with growing ethnic diversity.  They  have fellowship groups that intentionally target specific language groups and ethnicities.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization IRCO's mission is to assist refugees, immigrants and multi-ethnic communities to develop self-sufficiency and cultural awareness while affirming and preserving each culture within an ever-changing global environment

Kateri Park Community Center

Kateri Park is an affordable housing community run by Catholic Charities and is located just south of Powell on 28th Avenue. In more than half of their apartments, the residents are refugees. The largest group is from Somalia, but they also have some Burmese and Ethiopian refugee families.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

Lutheran Community Services Northwest is a nonprofit human services agency serving communities throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. They help refugees and immigrants access resources and gain skills to successfully transition to their new communities, attain self-sufficiency and begin lives of new hope and promise.

MLK Jr. (Portland) Worker Center (VOZ)

Operating under the Martin Luther King, Jr. Worker Center, which connects hundreds of workers a month with local employers and jobs. VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project (“VOZ”) is a worker-led organization that empowers immigrants and day laborers to gain control over their working conditions.

Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International (formerly Northwest Medical Teams) is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization working to reduce suffering around the world and in the Pacific Northwest

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities

Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition (PAGAC)

Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition is an alliance of local organizations and individuals, united on behalf of the millions impacted by the global AIDS pandemic. The PAGAC seeks to strengthen the work of its members through the sharing of ideas and resources, to engage the local community in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and to advocate for policies that respond to the needs of those affected both locally and globally.

Third World Medical Research Foundation

Third World Medical Research Foundation exists to sponsor scientific study and education of neglected nutritional, toxic, and other diseases that affect large numbers of people in underdeveloped parts of the world. Emphasis is directed toward research on disorders of the brain and nervous system. Work has been conducted on diseases present in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Mozambique, Colombia, Jamaica, and the Seychelles Islands. Research is supported by public contributions as well as national and international grants.