OHSU's Global Health Center connects global health communities with faculty, staff, students and global health leaders to carry out education, research and advocacy. OHSU’s four schools - the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and the OSU-OHSU School of Pharmacy all collaborate in developing educational opportunities for health professional students, faculty and staff in international communities at home and abroad.

Footsteps to Healing

Global Collaboration in Ethiopia

Lack of trained health providers in rural Ethiopia contributes to alarmingly high maternal mortality and morbidity from preventable causes such as postpartum hemorrhage, infection, hypertensive diseases of pregnancy and obstructed labor. Consequences of prolonged obstructed labor such as obstetric fistula have devastating physical and social consequences to a woman. Multiple vaginal deliveries and prolonged labor in the setting of a life time of physical exertion has also created a silent epidemic of uterovaginal prolapse among rural Ethiopian women severely limiting their daily activities and basic bodily functions. More Info


Recycled Supplies Save Lives!

Remedy is a program set up for the recovery of usable materials from the operating rooms, clinics, and research departments throughout OHSU. Instead of being discarded, these materials are collected and sorted for use in our community and abroad. Supplies are donated for medical missions all over the world, sent to Portland area clinics and to local health care professionals who are traveling abroad.

This program is operated by OHSU students in partnership with OCTRI and the Global Health Center. We are happy to announce AY15 student leaders are, Kelsey Priest, MS1 & Matthew French (Senior Research Assistant). Contact if you are interested in donating or receiving supplies, volunteering, or just have a question.  More info

Stop violence against women in Papua, New Guinea

View video on domestic and market place violence against women and the need for youth employment and women's rights. Produced by United Nations, New Zealand's Foreign Affairs and Trade Aid Programme and the Government of Spain.