Meet Valerie Palmer

Valerie Palmer“Working at OHSU provides opportunities to collaborate with students, faculty and others to develop links and build partnerships with communities and corporations and develop unique programs with the potential to benefit populations worldwide.”

Valerie S. Palmer, Director, interdisciplinary Community Health & Education Exchange (iCHEE) and Senior Research Associate, Global Health Center.

Valerie was born in KwaZulu, South Africa, where she experienced many hardships, notably racial discrimination within the community and from the government. With no hope of receiving a higher education and under constant fear of political persecution, she left South Africa at the age of 17 for London. Refused asylum in the U.K, she eventually settled in the U.S.A., where she has pursued global research and educational opportunities that have contributed to the health of vulnerable populations both at home and abroad. She is appointed to the President’s Diversity Council and OHSU Institutional Review Board, and is Board President of Portland’s Immigrant and Community Organization.

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