President's Global Health Center Steering Committee

President's Global Health Center Steering Committee Members


·         Robert Vieira, Senior Vice Provost, Academic & Student Affairs.



·         Jesse Hollander, SoD Student, DS4

·         Prashant Gagneja, Chair, Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry.

·        To be advised,  Representative from the School of Dentistry.



·         Nancy Carney, Assistant Professor, Medical Informatics.

·         Honora Englander, Assistant Professor, Hospital Medicine.

·         Erin Fitch, SoM Student, MD/PhD program.

·         Teresa Gipson, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine.

·         Aaron Grossberg, SoM Student, MD/PhD program.

·         William Hersh, Professor and Chair, Medical Informatics.

·         James Huntzicker, Professor and Department Head, SoM.

·         Norm Kalbfleisch, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine.

·         Paul Leung,Director Clinical Services, Department of Psychiatry.

·         Amy Marr, Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine.

·         Susan Orloff, Professor Liver Transplant and Digestive Health Center, Department of Surgery.

·         Molly Osborne, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Professor Pulmonary & Critical Care.

·         R. Serene Perkins, Director, OHSU International Surgery Program, Department of Surgery.

·         Stacy Sprando, SoM Student, MS2 – GHC Student Interest Group Representative.

·         Jorge Tolosa, Associate Professor, Perinatology, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.



·         Catherine Salveson, Associate Professor, SoN Undergraduate Program.

·         Kindra Scanlon, SoN Student.

·         Isabelle Soulé, Instructor, SoN Undergraduate Program.



·         Matt Ito, Professor and Chair, School of Pharmacy.


Centers and Institutes

·         Antonio Baptista, Director CMOP.

·         Jennifer Boyd, Director, Advocacy and Marketing, GHC.

·         Claudia Maria Vargas, Associate Professor, CDRC.

·         Sigrid Button, Program Director, Casey Eye Institute

·         Nancy Haigwood, Director, Oregon National Primate Research Center.

·         Valerie Palmer, Senior Research Associate, GHC.


Local Community and International Representatives

·        Jilma Meneses, Chief Diversity Officer, PSU.

·        Gustavo Petroni, Head of Fogarty Latin America consortium (12 countries).

 ·       Ann Pickar, Co-chair, Portland Area Global AIDS Coalition.

 ·       Natasha Polensek, Health Bridges International. Inc., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics.

·         Betty ReynoldsConsultant - Legislative Issues