Meet Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer
"We have the opportunity and responsibility to discover and understand the causes of disease and injury, to disseminate those discoveries through education and outreach, and to take strides to prevent illness and promote health and safety in culturally appropriate ways.”

Peter Spencer, Founding Director, OHSU Global Health Center.

Dr. Spencer has long studied the causes and solutions to neglected human diseases of disadvantaged people in low-income countries. While he began in his youth to raise funds to prevent blindness in Africans infected with Chlamydia trachoma, his research career has focused on neglected neurological and neurodegenerative diseases associated with naturally occurring substances in plants used for food and synthetic chemicals in food, water, medicine, workplace and other environments. His strategic approach is study define the human disease, develop models in the laboratory setting, explore cellular and molecular mechanisms, and return to affected populations with possible interventions for disease control. Biosketch_mHealth

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