Mission & Goals

The Global Health Center facilitates OHSU collaboration with the global health community to promote quality and equity in healthcare worldwide. Through the Global Health Center, OHSU collaborates with domestic and international communities and develops programs for students, faculty, staff and partners promoting global health awareness, research, education and advocacy. 


The OHSU Global Health Center's mission aligns with the five parts of OHSU's mission. It  moves OHSU towards excellence in the realm of global health education, research and clinical service, while providing opportunities for scholarship and community service in Oregon and beyond. Furthermore, the OHSU Global Health Center advances health and healthcare in the partnering communities via the bilateral exchange of information and resources.


Photo credits from left, Dr. Thomas Hoggard and Dr. Mary Burry, MTI; Jonah Attebery; Third World Medical Research Foundation.

A_resizedMother_baby_Missiion_Goals A_resizedJonah A_resizedValerie in Papua