Faculty and Staff Profiles

  • Andy Harris, MD. Interim Director - Global Health Center, Course Director, Professionals' Training in Global Health, Clinical Assistant Professor, Casey Eye Institute
  • Jay D. Kravitz, MD. MPH. Senior Instructor - Global Health Center, Course Director, Conversations in Global Health and Assistant Professor Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.
  • Valerie Palmer, Instructor - Global Health Center, Course Director, interdisciplinary Community Health and Education Program.
  • Peter Spencer, PhD, FRCPath, Professor of Neurology, Founding Director - Global Health Center, Senior Scientist, Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET).
  • Cate Bishop, Communications Specialist - Global Health Center
  • Paul Bollinger, Affiliate Instructor
  • Chuck Sve, Affiliate Instructor


Celine He

Global Health Center Student Interest Group Leadership

  • Jeff Casebier, Noor Khaki, Tesha Grangaard, (SoD co-chairs)
  • Marica Baleilevuka, MengruWang, (SoM co-chairs)
  • Lauren Brooks, SNAP Global Health Rep. (SoN chair)
  • Stellar Yi, Dennis Choi, (CoP co-chairs)
  • Lauren Truillo, (PA co-chair)

Fogarty International Center Clinical Research Scholars

  • Evelyn Ford  - 2009
  • Jenifer Compton  - 2008
  • Jo Nord - 2005
  • Seth O'Neal - 2004

OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Amy Marr, MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Global Health Fellow

OHSU Department of Hospital Medicine

  • Honora Englander, MD, Assistant  Professor Hospital Medicine and OHSU Medical Liaison for Underserved Care.

OHSU Department of Surgery

  • R. Serene Perkins, MD, Assistant Professor Dept. of Surgery, and Director, International Surgery Program

OHSU Office of the Provost

  • Beth Willis, Associate Vice Provost, Finance, Academic Affairs, AA.Provost's Office
  • William Todd Downes, Finance Administrator Department, AA.Provost Office 

Faculty, Staff and Student Contributors

  • See President's GHC Steering Committee members
  • Dan Austin, Senior Research Assistant, CROET
  • David Bearden, Faculty, College of Pharmacy
  • Jessica Gregg, Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Aaron Grossberg, SoM
  • Elizabeth Holman, Finance and Project Manager, SS.Health Service
  • Alanna Mozena, MPH Program
  • Kindra Scanlon, Graphic Artist and Website Specialist
  • Britt Severson, SoM, ex Co-chair SIG
  • Doran Spencer, SoM