Meet Amy Marr



Amy Marr, MD. Assistant Professor, OHSU Emergency Medicine Department

Amy has been involved in health disparities research and clinical care locally and internationally for several years. She spent time as an undergraduate at a rural hospital in Bangladesh, was involved in an HIV/AIDS education program in western Kenya and Madagascar throughout medical school, and in residency at the University of Chicago she focused on access to healthcare for underserved urban populations and acted as site supervisor for medical student rotations in India. 

At this time her focus is on educational initiatives and systems development in SE Asia. She is currently enrolled in the Oregon Masters of Public Health program and enjoys working on global health educational curriculum planning for healthcare professionals of many levels at OHSU (the Physician Training in Global Health course, specialty-specific Emergency Medicine International observer program, and a variety of elective opportunities through the GHC).

She sees global health as a field where Emergency Medicine plays an important role as the front line of medical access for public health and education, recognition of new disease, and medical treatment strategy, and hopes to foster development of training programs for all levels of medical professionals internationally.

Amy and colleaguesAmy in Indian HospitalAmy with Indian Emergency Services