Meet Andy Harris

Purpose Prize Fellow Winner!

Andy Harris MD

This innovative PTGH course is open to Oregon and Washington licensed health care professionals who seek medical training to volunteer in low income countries, for disaster relief, and in local free medical clinics.  Professionals' Training in Global Health

A photo of Andy Harris

Andy Harris, Course Director, Professionals' Training in Global Health.

The global economic crisis, wars in Africa and the Middle East, and the impending medical consequences of global warming (e.g. famine, dislocation of people, spread of tropic disease) have created a perfect storm of health problems in developing countries. Fortunately, this crisis comes at a time when baby boomer physicians and other health care professionals are approaching retirement and have more free time to volunteer overseas. 

I’ve been pleased to be part of a new training program which gives health care professionals the skills they need to volunteer in developing countries. The ten week, two days a week course at the Global Health Center combines classes in infectious disease and public health with training in primary care.

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