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Valerie Palmer
After overcoming early experiences of discrimination, Valerie Palmer’s inspirational career has been dedicated to tackling the medical issues of underserved and disadvantaged people around the world.  Read International Innovation's article about the GHC's Valerie Palmer

iCHEE elective

Are you an OHSU student who is interested in working with refugees, immigrants and the underserved? Then iCHEE™ is for you - register now for Fall 2014, class starts Saturday October 1! iCHEE = inter-professional Community Health and Education Exchange elective iCHEE Fall 2014 course registration details.  More details on the iCHEE Webpage

Medecins Sans Frontieres


Doctors Without Borders are holding a recruitment information session in Portland on Thursday October 2nd, 2014 - 7:00pm at Mercy Corps Action Center.  Details

Ebola Crisis Seeks Help!

The Ebola crisis in West Africa is rapidly worsening. As of the writing of this note, over 3,500 people have been infected with the virus and over 1,500 people have been killed. Alarmingly, the disease is spreading into densely populated urban areas.

There is an acute shortage of medical supplies, experienced healthcare workers, and funds in the region. Doctors without Borders has been bravely shouldering the greatest responsibility to not only care for those infected with Ebola, but also treat people affected with the numerous other diseases and health challenges in this, one of the poorest regions of the world.

CUGH has been trying to help MSF identify individuals with the experience and skills needed to stop the spread of this virus and provide essential medical care in the affected countries. Please see MSF's REQUEST by clicking on this link and share it with your colleagues widely. Help us identify individuals who can address this crisis before it spreads much further and advocate for greater funding to purchase essential supplies.

Letter from CUGH Executive Director Keith Martin

Conversations in Global Health Elective


Conversations in Global Health is a forum dedicated to discussions of global or local topical interest. This seminar is open to all within the OHSU community and the general public. Sessions are held on most Wednesdays during the academic year (October through May), noon to 1PM, in the new waterfront Collaborative Life Sciences Building CLSB Room 2S011/2S015. GH Education > Conversations page

AY2014-15 Conversations Calender under construction

Students may earn 1 hour elective credit by registering with their respective registrars.  First Conversation is on Wednesday, October 1st, & registration for AY15 closes October 22. Course flier

WELCOME We define global health as: -

"Optimal wellness that transcends national boundaries and is best addressed by cooperative solutions."  This philosophy encompasses domestic as well as international health and focuses on health in resource-poor communities.

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Brain Degeneration, Cancer Connections, Peter S. Spencer, PhD, FANA, FRCPath, and Glen Kisby, PhD. Article

Interprofessional Global Health Education in a Cosmopolitan Community of North America: The iCHEE Experience, Valerie S. Palmer, Rajarshi Mazumder & Peter S. Spencer, Academic Medicine: journal of the Association of the American Medical Colleges, Jun 2014, 10p.  Full text

Global Health Center Team
GHC faculty and staff

Global Health Center (GHC) Selected Achievements and Recognition

More than 1,000 interprofessional students have completed our courses since Academic Year 2008!
  • 2013 Launched interactive Global Impact Map highlighting OHSU's professional ties around the world
  • 2013 Hosted Western Regional International Health Conference (approx. 500 attendees)
  • 2012-15 NINDS R01 Eureka grant to research Nodding Syndrome
  • 2012 Spirit Mountain Grant for iCHEE and PTGH
  • 2012 NIH-NHGRI grant for the GHC Sherpa program
  • 2012 Consultation on Community Health in China
  • 2012 Road Map for Interprofessional GH Education
  • 2012 GH training for Internal Medicine Residents
  • 2012 Concentration in GH Studies for MPH students
  • 2011 Purpose Prize Fellow Award - W. Andrew Harris, MD
  • 2011 Consultation on Toxicology in Uzbekistan
  • 2011 United Way grant to advance iCHEE in Portland
  • 2011-13 GH Fair featuring NGOs that work abroad
  • 2008-13 Six GH interprofessional education electives
  • 2008-13 54 GHC Travel Scholarship winners - 19 countries
  • 2008-12 NIH Fogarty Framework grant (1 of 35)
  • 2007-13 PTGH - 79 graduates
  • 2007-13 Capacity building in DR Congo
  • 2007-13 1,042 interprofessional students educated in GH

NIH: National Institutes of Health NINDS: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke NHGRI: National Human Genome Research Institute EUREKA: Exceptional, Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration.

inter-professional education

The Global Health Center has been committed to inter-professional education since its inception in 2007, having taught over 900 students from dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, physician assistant and graduate nutrition students, along with 79 mid-career to retiring health care professionals.  Our programs have served over 1200 clients drawn from Portland's refugee, homeless and other underserved residents.  View stats

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A liver cancer treatment is off-limits in the National Health Service (NHS) due to its unjustifiably  high price tag, but in India the same treatment is available for less than  £100 a month. Read more on our GHC Advocacy page
iCHEE inter-professional student team
iCHEE inter-professional student team with client

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Recipient of the 2008 NIH John E. Fogarty International Center Framework Grant on Global Health in Changing Environments

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Important Notice

The Global Health Center strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding academic, research, and service activities across OHSU and beyond. Given the changing nature of global health, we highly recommend that readers of this website check with programs and training sites of interest to assure accurate information.

GHC Make a World of Difference at Home and Abroad

OHSU Global Impact Map

"The Global Impact Map"  (GIM) houses information about where OHSU faculty, staff, and students have worked or volunteered internationally.  Click here to try it out!

If you are an OHSU clinician, researcher, educator, resident or fellow with global health interests, and would like to be on the Global Impact Map, please email our GIM developer Justin Hartmann

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Travel Preparations


Traveling to remote corners of the world? View our

Professionals' Training in Global Health (PTGH)

PTGH student and lecturer
Don't RE-TIRE, RE-TREAD in Global Health! ©  This program is for physicians, nurses, NPs and PAs with an active Oregon or Washington medical license who are interested in training for volunteer medical work in low income countries, including disaster relief. Click here for: Professionals' Training in Global Health details.

Concentration in Global Health Studies

The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and the Global Health Center at OHSU are pleased to offer Concentration in Global Health

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