Advisory Council


The Advisory Council is a committee of community representatives committed to promoting the highest ethical standards in health care through collaboration with the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care. The Council provides the Center leadership with:

  • Dialogue about current community concerns and statewide issues that reflect ethical questions within Oregon.
  • Direction for strategic planning and vision.
  • Development guidance and expertise.

2013 Members

Lisa Andrus-Rivera, PhD, Chair *
Ann Barden *
Gwyneth Gamble Booth
Evona Brim *
Barbara Durkheimer *
Karen Early
Walter Grebe*
Barbara K. Rice*
Carol Santesson
Barbara Sloop
Joan Blakely Strand
Cornelia Hayes Stevens
Susan Tolle, MD *
Bill Whitsell *

* Steering Committee Member



Teresa Edwards Allen
Joan Strong Buell
Robert Conklin, JD
Cecelia Huntington
Daniel Labby, MD
Joanne McAdam
Robert Hugo Richardson, MD