TIE Team Charter

Mission of TIE

The mission of the Teaching Interprofessional Ethics Team (TIE) is to educate the next generation of OHSU health care professionals in bioethics with the goal of improving patient care and health outcomes.


Purpose of TIE

We support the OHSU strategic plan to reinvent health education through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration, new care models and use of technology. The TIE team has as its purpose enriching the ethics education of students in Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Physician Assistant and Pharmacy. We envision creating and sharing bioethics content that will bring students from all professions to learn together, preparing them for responding to ethical issues they will encounter in clinical experiences and future healthcare team practices. The Center for Ethics in Health Care agrees to serve as the administrative home of the TIE because of its long history of interprofessional program development.


Goals of TIE

  • Develop a strong infrastructure to support a wide variety of bioethics activities that will ultimately improve patient care; build on successes achieved within the Center for Ethics in Health Care.
  • Create co-teaching opportunities to develop interprofessional bioethics teaching skills.
  • Serve as a resource for OHSU leadership as interprofessional activities gradually enter the learning and clinical environments.


Objectives of TIE

  • Create a framework of foundational ethics content and discourse that is presented across each of the academic units at the undergraduate and predoctoral levels.
  • Integrate cross-cultural teaching and learning in ethics education.
  • Provide seminars and workshops on ethics related topics to interprofessional health care units and departments.
  • Create a resource of materials related to interprofessional bioethics teaching and learning activities cataloging interprofessional journal articles, content and interprofessional activities.
  • Construct a series of cases that would be available for interprofessional use in teaching seminars and workshops.
  • Report regularly to the Provost on progress of the interprofessional ethics education leadership team to enhance the link with the OHSU strategic plan,