Teaching Interprofessional Ethics

The Teaching Interprofessional Ethics (TIE) team is dedicated to integrating the principles of professionalism into every aspect of the curricula for the medical, nursing, dental schools and the pharmacy and physician assistant programs.

With particular focus on the artful skills of communication, empathy and relationship, this program prepares graduates to:

  • Listen, explain and show caring
  • Work collaboratively with other health care professionals
  • Recognize and manage ethical issues
  • Communicate with patients of diverse backgrounds and beliefs
  • Demonstrate commitment to community service and stewardship of scarce resources

The results are far-reaching and profound.  Health care students (many of whom will choose to practice in Oregon) acquire the tools they need to offer new levels of understanding and compassion to their patients, while also communicating respectfully with other members of the health care team, to become markedly more effective in their roles as health care professionals.

The TIE team is co-led by Phyllis Beemsterboer, M.S., E.D.D. and Madeline Brill Nelson Chair in Ethics Education, Lynn Jansen, R.N., Ph.D.