Fellowship in Ethics

Class of 2013!

2013 Graduation Celebration and Year II social gathering!
Directors Robert Potter, & Barbara Glidewell,warmly congratulate, Nancy Burnett, MPH, CCRN, Joni Elsenpeter, MA, Lissi Hansen, PhD, RN, Donna Kim, MD, Keren McCord, MSW, LCSW, Michele Megregian, CNM, Maureen Ober, PharmD, RPh, and
Susan Yoder, RN, BSN

Recent Graduation Project Submissions and/or Publications


Project Title

 Project Focus

Nancy Burnett, MPH, CCRN

Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Collegiality

Interdisciplinary collaboration in the M&M and team integration processes

Joni Elsenpeter, MA

Creating a Leadership Culture

Communication & Professionalism

Amy Goltz, MA

Ethics Audit

Setting the course for ethical administration of the School of Nursing

Lissi Hansen, PhD, RN

Respect for Person

A publishable article on the principle "Respect for Person"

Donna Kim, MD

Ophthalmology Residency Ethics Curriculum

Develop and ethics curriculum for ophthalmology residents at Casey Eye Institute, consisting of a combination of lectures, readings, and case based discussions.  Instituted at CEI, August 2013

Keren McCord, MSW, LCSW

Presentation: "Hope and How it Affects Providers"

Presentation to nurses, faculty, and other cross-professional providers

Michele Megregian, CNM

Ethics in Midwifery, A Curriculum for Midwifery OHSU students A comprehensive curriculum in ethics, specifically tailored for midwifery students, and which can be integrated into the team-based learning curriculum currently used at the school of nursing

Maureen Ober, PharmD, RPh

 Implementation of an Ethics Consult Service in a Long Term Care Facility Assisting mentor in setting up a consult service for Cedar Sinai Park and training both clinical and non-clinical service team members in how to evaluate clinical dilemmas

Susan Yoder, RN, BSN

 A Retrospective Review of Ethics Consults at OHSU – Trends over Time, Policy Gaps or Opportunities  Identifying perceived obstacles to requests for ethics consults at OHSU

About the Fellowship in Interprofessional Health Care Ethics

Providing leadership and teaching for the Interprofessional Ethics Fellowship Porgram are Directors, Barbara Glidewell, MBS and Robert Potter, MD, PhD. The OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care (CFE) encourages teaching and research about ethical issues in the professional workplace and public life. Although the Fellowship Program is a 2-Year committment, it is expected that graduates seek to contribute to the CFE in a variety of ways depending on his or her professional background.

Goals of the Interprofessional Ethics Fellowship Program are:

  • Increase knowledge of ethical theory and practice in the delivery of health care;
  • Enhance bioethical awareness in the teaching, healing and discovery at OHSU;
  • Improve ethical decision-making by the application of ethical analysis and problem solving;
  • Interprofessional cooperation in the application of ethics in the healthcare workplace;
  • Fostering healch care values, principles and professional codes in all patient care activities.

Applicants are selected based on a variety factors: 

  • Quality of their achievements in their field of specialization;
  • Ability to benefit from study with the Center for Ethics in Health Care;
  • The contributions that the Fellow is likely to make in the future in higher education through teaching and writing about ethical issues;
  • Probable significance of proposed research and its relevance to the purposes of the CFE;
  • Ability and leadership in the work environment.

To fill out an application, learn more about the applicaiton process and to view the Year I & Year II requirements, click here.