The Center for Ethics in Health Care is involved with the following for credit predoctoral classes.

  • Living With Life Threatening Illness: a predoctoral class for 1st and 2nd year medical students. This elective is designed to assist medical students to see illness thru the eyes of a patient who is living with a life threatening illness.
  • Death Notification Role Play: Brand new interns learn about the difficult task of communicating bad news through these intense and often deeply moving role-playing exercises.  Volunteers play the newly-bereaved spouses and – with the help of experienced teachers – reflect back to the young doctors ways in which the news could be communicated as effectively and compassionately as possible.
  • Palliative Care Course: This course teaches 3rd year medical students about various aspects of palliative and comfort care, addressing patient pain and suffering with medication and social and spiritual support. The course also includes teaching on advance care planning, advance directives and POLST.
  • Transition to Residency: The Center for Ethics partners with the School of Medicine to teach 3 two hour seminars to 4th year medical students on Professionalism, Ethics & Law. Experienced faculty in ethics and law co-facilitate case-based discussions on topics expected to arise during their upcoming internship year.
  • Principles of Clinical Medicine: The Ethics Center and the Principles of Clinical Medicine Leadership Committee develop, coordinate and teach the ethics curriculum for 1st year medical students. The "Seven Wonders of the Ethics World" includes topics of informed consent, advance care planning, refusal and request for treatment, and 3 seminars on life-threatening illness from the patient, family and physician perspectives.