The First Twenty Years

Ethical issues in health care pose some of the most challenging questions that health professionals ever face. And the questions change - each advancement in technology, each new piece of legislation - can bring a fresh barrage of vexing ethical dilemmas for health professionals and society at large.List of Center for Ethics in Health Care Founders
The OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care was established in 1989 to address these pressing concerns by seeking solutions through collaboration, scholarly debate and research among many disciplines. The ultimate goals of the Center are to promote more careful attention to the rights and dignity of individual patients and to increase the participation of health care professionals in this society's search for just and prudent health policies.
The Founders Board of the Center, which hangs near the entrance and lists the major donors that helped initiate the Center, carries in large letters two of the Center's core values: 

Center for Ethics in Health Care Founders

Lisa Andrus-Rivera
Evona Brim
Samantha Davi
Alyce R. Cheatham
The Collins Foundation
Maribeth W. Collins
Truman and Kristen Collins
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
The Denison Family Fund at OCF
Barbara Durkheimer
Bill and Karen Early
Margaret Watt Edwards
M. Lowell Edwards Foundation
John and Betty Gray
The Greenwall Foundation
Ned and Sis Hayes
Ronna and Eric Hoffman Fund at OCF
Mary D. Hughes
The Samuel S. Johnson Foundation
The Kinsman Foundation
John Kinsman
Daniel and Margaret Labby
Meyer Memorial Trust
Madeline Brill Nelson
Non Nocere Foundation
Barbara K. Rice
Carol Santesson
Cherida Collins Smith
Cornelia Hayes Stevens
Summerville Fund at OCF
Cyrus B. Sweet III
Susan W. Tolle
William B. Webber
Bill and Helen Jo Whitsell
Celia Bast Young