OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care

Integrating the science of healthcare with the art of compassion.

Never before has so much been possible through the wonders of modern medicine.

And never before has it been so critical to bring to these spectacular cures and hopeful possibilities an ethical perspective of compassion, respect and justice to ensure that such care is delivered wisely and well.

Since 1989 the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care has partnered with practitioners of all health professions regionally and nationally to be a leading voice for compassionate health care.

Center News

Caring for the Whole Person: Bob Samuels shares his experience living with leukemia

Susan Tolle, M.D. awarded the 2014 MacLean Center Prize in Clinical Ethics

Lynn Jansen, R.N., Ph.D awarded Greenwall Foundation grant for her project "Making a Difference in Real-World Bioethics"

2014 Marks the 25th Anniversary for Center for Ethics in Health Care


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