2017 CURE Intern: Kayla Machian

Profile Photo of Kayla MachianKayla Machian

Century High School

Mentor: Raymond Bergan, M.D.

Kayla Machian is determined to be the first in her family to attend college, and plans a career in biomedical research and molecular biology. She has a particular interest in stem cells, as her uncle received stem cell treatment as part of his fight against Lou Gehrig's disease. Due to the treatment, he was able to regain some muscle function, and it's this kind of advancement that fascinates Kayla.

She is laying the groundwork for her future career through her coursework at Century High School, where she recently completed her junior year. She maintains a 3.87 GPA while challenging herself by taking a full course load that includes Anatomy, Physiology, and AP Biology. A teacher writes, "Kayla possesses all the qualities necessary for her to be successful in any program. She exhibits the intellectual capabilities and the personal drive to accept difficult tasks and see them through to a successful completion."

In addition to juggling a rigorous school schedule, Kayla is also very involved in extra curricular activities at school, and in her community. She participates in tennis, volleyball, the HOSA program, the Health Sciences club, National Honor Society, and the Century High Film club. In addition, she volunteers at a local hospital, and at a senior center.

Kayla is interning in the lab of Raymond Bergan, M.D. Her research topic is "The Effect of KBU2046 on Prostate Cancer Metastasis; Investigation of the Specific Genes Ripk2, NEK2,and Gsg2 on KBU2046 Efficacy in Inhibiting Prostate Cancer Metastasis in Vitro; KBU2046's Effect on Gene Expression".