2014 CURE Intern: Jazmin Muñoz

Munoz_Jazmin_150Jazmin Muñoz has always been intrigued by the mind. As she has gotten older, she has realized neuroscience is the path she wishes to pursue. She wants to be able to answer the critical question such as what causes mental disorders, or how do drugs affect the mind.

"The mind is very interesting. It controls how we think, feel, and even function on a physical level. Everything about the mind is amazing," says Jazmin, who ultimately wants to be a neurologist or a surgeon.

At Springwater High School in Gresham, Jazmin works hard to get excellent grades, which she hopes would translate to scholarships for college. She has consistently been on the honor roll, as well as part of the elite Academic All-Stars.

Jazmin has been accepted into the highly selective Center of Advanced Learning (CAL), where she has the opportunity to take advanced classes, specific to the medical field. For her junior and senior years, she will spend half of the school day at her high school, and the rest of the day at CAL, where she will take specialized electives in the medical field. In her senior year as a health science student, she will get to participate in clinical rotations to enhance her health care experience.

"I am excited about applying my skills, talking college coursework, and participating in clinical experiences," she says.

Although her time will be divided between Springwater and CAL, Jazmin looks forward to continuing to take an active role in her school community. She has been an outgoing ambassador on behalf of her school, giving tours to prospective students and representing Springwater in a variety of venues. For her diligence and commitment, she is known among her teachers and counselors as someone "who can get things done." 

This is the second year that Jazmin is participating in the CURE internship program. She is working with research mentor Jared Fischer, Ph.D., in Molecular & Medical Genetics.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program, email David Martinez, Manager of Student Recruitment and Retention.

Posted on July 10, 2014. Write-up by Naod Aynalem. Photo by Maileen Hamto.