Diversity Definition

Diversity at OHSU requires creating and sustaining a community of inclusion. We honor, respect, embrace and value the unique contributions and perspectives of all employees, patients, students, volunteers and our local and global communities.

Diversity includes age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, diversity of thoughts, ideas and more.

Diversity maximizes our true potential for creativity, innovation, quality patient care, educational excellence and outstanding service.

Business Case Statement

OHSU POLICY 03-05-030

Diversity is essential to realize our multifaceted mission and to set the example for integrity, compassion and leadership in health care, education, research and community service.

Diversity is fundamental to OHSU’s ability to attract and retain top talent, achieve innovation and creativity, flourish in a competitive market, maximize the return on our investment in people, and ensure flexibility to thrive.

Policy No. 03-05-035, Sexual Harassment

Policy No. 03-05-050, Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy No. 02-01-002, Equal Access for Students with Disabilities

Policy No. 08-01-005, Access for Members of the Public to Programs, Services & Activities

Policy No. 08-01-006, Physical Access Committee

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