Walking Trails and Routes

OHSU's Marquam Hill and South Waterfront are provided with many surprising options for access. City sidewalks extend across the entire length of Terwilliger Blvd. which connects with Campus Drive at Casey Eye Institute. A typical commute by foot from downtown can take around 20-30 minutes.

There are also several hiking trails maintained by the City of Portland that crisscross throughout Marquam Hill. These trails can provide hiking access through the west hills, and SW neighborhood areas. For the most current information, visit the 4T site.

Walking at OHSU

Marquam Hill is a decent sized campus, there are several routes to walk across campus and when in doubt, visit one of the many concierge desks located across campus. On Marquam Hill there is typically a steady traffic flow. Use the pedestrian bridges and hospital sky bridges for the safest route.

State of Oregon publications for pedestrians

OHSU Healthy Steps Program

(For employees only)

OHSU has a wonderful program that helps keep track of the healthy things you do on and off campus. If you receive benefits with OHSU, the Healthy Steps program offers a points-based tracking system that can eventually earn you an incentive! Many things like exercising, bicycling, etc. can also gain you points.

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Staying Safe Around OHSU

Public Safety Tips

  • Look around as you walk and stay aware. Use well lighted paths and avoid short cuts.
  • Know where emergency phones and exits are.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies & program emergency numbers in speed dial if available.
  • Have office or car keys ready. This applies to your access card to the building.
  • Call Public Safety (503 494-7744) if you identify someone who does not belong in the area.
Oregon 4T

Hiking Resources

Oregon is known for it's beautiful hiking opportunities.

The 4T Trail signs around town are referring to a local favorite hiking route that incorporates the 4 "T's" of Portland: Trail, Tram, Trolley and Train.

Oregon Metro's 4T Route Map & Brochure