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Streetcar, Tram, bikes, pedestrian bridgeTransportation & Parking is currently researching how to improve access to Marquam Hill. Learn about the project and share your feedback here.

OHSU is where aerial trams and world-class bridges connect people through canyons, river, forest, and neighborhoods.

To grow sustainably within the community, OHSU is committing to diverse transportation options to meet the challenges of an ambitious future.


Transportation Demand Management Plan

OHSU TDM PlanIn 2017, OHSU worked with the community to create a plan to serve patients, guide growth, and attract and retain talent. Access is critical to OHSU's mission to provide equal access to healthcare, education, and research. 

As more people make the journey to OHSU, this plan aims to help people experience a better journey.

OHSU Transportation Demand Management Plan

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OHSU, by the numbers

Marquam Hill is OHSU's largest campus and on the highest elevation hill in the city

OHSU v Portland Transportation
Most OHSU sites are located in Portland, OR and Multnomah County.

Multnomah v OHSU Transportation

OHSU Transportation Census

The goal of the OHSU Transportation Census is to listen directly to daily commuters, OHSU's employees, to improve accessibility for all. Below are the 2017 results.

OHSU Night Access PlanClick to see the full plan

In 2016, OHSU teamed with Portland State University's Master of Urban and Regional Planning program to improve the experience of traveling through the evening and early morning.

See the final plan at


John Landolfe,
OHSU Transportation Options Coordinator

John has coordinated transportation programs for OHSU since 2009. He is dedicated to helping new, returning, and daily visitors plan their best possible trip. In the past decade, OHSU commuters have raced ahead of the region and industry in diverse commuting choices. He has 16 years experience in project management. His work at OHSU includes the internationally-celebrated OHSU Bike Program, creating, and orienting up to 100 new employees and students a week.