South Waterfront Campus

Share respectfullySouth Waterfront Campus is the most transportation-diverse hub in the nation. This campus is also a gateway to Marquam Hill via the tram. An aerial tram, pedestrian bridge, streetcar, bike valet, shuttles, and automobiles all share this campus.

South Waterfront has many unique features that make it exciting--but also require extra caution to help new and returning visitors feel safe and comfortable. 

Thousands of people travel through here daily without incident. Together we can reduce accidents and close calls to zero.Thank you for being a savvy traveler and helping spread the word!

Help make South Waterfront a great experience for all through a few simple strategies.

  • traffic signalsShare respectfully with other people. New visitors may not be accustomed to traveling through this area. Please be patient and aware that not everyone will follow established rules of etiquette upon first visit.
  • Follow signage, signals, and markings. On Moody's multi-use path, most markings are on the ground.
  • In the plaza, be aware of streetcar tracks. A quiet train may be rolling up behind you and the tracks are a hazard to bikes. This is also why people are advised to bike Moody multi-use path and not the street in this area.

Graphics provided by Portland Bureau of Transportation.

See and be seen.

See and be seen

Please don't block travel lanes or cross without looking.


Please control pets.