Driving and parking

OHSU is Portland's largest employer and medical destination. Our main campus is on Marquam Hill where up to 20,000 people visit daily.

With only two narrow roads, it is vital we reduce congestion for neighbors, patients, emergency vehicles, and you. 

For this reason, the City of Portland has capped parking on campus and OHSU and our partners have built an aerial commuter tram to provide fast, reliable access to Marquam Hill. 

We also offer a diverse range of benefits for employees, students and anyone with an OHSU badge to take non-driving means to OHSU. Every person who chooses not to drive thus improves access for those whom driving is still the best option.

Our product rates.

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Daily & Hourly Parking

Our product rates.

Marquam Hill

Lot 40 (Dotter)

Buy onsite at paystation


Lot 60 (Gaines East)

Buy online
Full day rate only


Garage C (Sam Jackson)

Buy onsite at paystation
Level 4 (top level), 2 hour max


Garage D (Canyon)

Buy online


Garage F (Campus Drive)

Zone 1 (Level 1, 2): buy online
Green Zone (Level 3, 4): paystation, 5 hr max
Yellow Zone (Level 3, 4): paystation, 8am-1pm

South Waterfront

Schnitzer Lot

Buy onsite at paystation


Buy onsite at paystation


Marquam Plaza

Buy onsite at paystation