OHSU is a pay-to-park environment

Employees assist in patient access by parking in diamond zones only. OHSU has covered the cost of parking for patients and their personal visitors--who may park free in patient zones.

After Hours (5pm to 8am) & Weekend Parking

On nights and weekends, employees park free  in diamond zones,with the exception of any signed or reserved spaces. Garage C (Sam Jackson), is restricted to 3 Diamond permit holders 24 / 7. Patient parking is restricted 24/7.

Do Not Ticket Log

The Do Not Ticket Log will let enforcement know an employee's special circumstance should cover a vehicle. Use of this service is limited to:

  • A patient visit or personal appointment during non-working time
  • An unscheduled overnight employee held on shift past 8am
  • A rental or loaner vehicle used by a permit holder for less than 3 days

If an employee is running late for shift, this cannot be covered. The employee should inform a manager and follow normal parking procedure.

To use the log, call 503 494-8283 and provide the following:

  • First and last name
  • Vehicle license plate number and state of issue
  • Reason for coverage (please do not share personal medical information; simply "appointment" is sufficient)

Restrictions apply. See Guidelines & Limitations section of Do Not Ticket Log procedures.

Annual Parking Permits

Annual (long-term) parking permits are available to OHSU employees. In order to be considered for an annual permit, you must sign up to be added to a parking waitlist which can all be located on your online parking account. As new parking becomes available, Transportation & Parking will offer spaces to the next person based on sign-up date. If the offer is accepted, the monthly parking fee will be paid via pre-tax payroll deductions.


ADA Parking Permit

Special Reserved permit spaces are available for disabled and special-need parkers—including employees, students, volunteers and temporary employees.

Patients and patient visitors with similar needs may use Federal ADA ("blue wheelchair") parking spaces.


To qualify for a Special permit, present a DMV-issued Federal ADA placard or disabled license plate to the Transportation & Parking Customer Service Center.
For short-term special needs that might not merit a DMV placard, the Transportation & Parking Associate Director will determine required documentation.
Each person with a Special permit is responsible for notifying Transportation & Parking of any change in status.

Getting Started

1. Please use this Special permit request form (login required) to request a Special parking permit. 

2. When your request form is complete, please log in to your online parking account. 

3. Select “Special Permit” from the drop down menu.

4. Follow the directions to complete your application for a special parking permit.


Universal Parking

Employees with a compelling and/or emergent need to obtain a Universal Parking Permit can find more information here.

Valet Parking 

No tips accepted.

Valet parking is available in Whitaker Lot for all valid annual/monthly and daily permit passes from 6am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday.

Keys can be picked up at the Center for Health & Healing parking booth located in the garage on level P1 until 10:00 pm. Then the keys are available from Public Safety who can be reached at 503 494 - 7744.

Marquam Hill Parking

Marquam Hill parking areas.

Daily & hourly parking is described here.

Long term parking is located in garages A, C, D, E, and F, and lots 10, 20, 30, 50, 60 and 70. Sign up for the wait list here.

South Waterfront Parking

Daily and hourly parking is described here.

Long term parking is located at each OHSU facility. Sign up for the wait list here.