Go By BikeBiking aligns with OHSU's mission to improve community health and also eases traffic congestion--improving access for patients and anyone traveling by other means. Marquam Hill and South Waterfront offer unique commutes easily biked with a little planning. 

OHSU Bike Program

OHSU Bike Program Members Site

Members earn incentives to bike to OHSU.

Traveling to Campus

Marquam Hill: Access via Terwilliger bike lane or the Tram, where bike valet is free to the public. Fare or badge required on the Tram.

South Waterfront is accessible via Moody Cycle Track from the north, Gibbs Pedestrian Bridge from the east, and Willamette Waterfront Path from the south. The Collaborative Building is adjacent to Tilikum Crossing (opens Fall 2015). Center for Health & Healing is adjacent to the Tram's lower terminal.

Public transit in the region is bike-friendly. TriMet has created a unique transit+bike planner.

Parking on campus

OHSU Bike Valet is a fast, free and secure option welcome to anyone. The valet is operated by our contractor Go By Bike at the lower terminal of the Portland Aerial Tram. Open 6am to 7:30pm, Monday to Friday. Closed when the Tram is closed.

Indoors and near entrances, walk bikes. Lock only to bike racks, keeping disabled ramps clear for those who need them. 

Bike facilities are detailed here. Anywhere but valet, U-locks are strongly recommended. Cables alone will not protect from theft.


Questions about biking to OHSU, the program, or facilities? 

OHSU Bike Gold

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