What is Reported?

All OHSU employees, registered volunteers and students are required to report any work related incident, injury, exposure or condition via the Worker & Student Injury Reporting System (WSIRS). For incidents which result in harm or potential harm to patients or visitors please go to Patient Safety Net.


In the event you need assistance with or would like to request accommodation relating to use of WSIRS, please contact the Risk Management Department at (503) 494-7189.

Volunteers, Managers and Supervisors and Human Resource Representatives

Volunteers: Please contact Judie Honda or the Risk Management Department (503) 494-7189 - we are unable to accept online injury reports for volunteers at this time.
Managers/Supervisors/ Human Resource Representatives: Please contact the Workers' Compensation Team immediately at (503) 494-2451 and provide information about the injury including if the employee is missing time from work or has physical limitations placed on him/her by their treating physician.

Incident vs. Claim

The seeking of medical treatment is a requirement for filing a work injury as a workers' compensation claim. If you seek medical treatment for an on-the-job injury or condition (other than a blood/body fluid exposure), please print a copy of the Attending Physician packet and take with you to each visit with your practitioner.  Please fax the completed Release to Return to Work as completed by your provider to (503) 494-1941. A copy of the Release to Return to Work should also be provided to your supervisor and/or manager.

If you have additional questions regarding filing a claim, please review the additional frequently asked questions.