Workers' Compensation

Incident, Exposure, condition and Claim Reporting


The Oregon Health & Science University workers' compensation team provides information and assistance to employee, supervisor, students and volunteers relating to incidents, injuries, exposures and conditions. SAIF Corporation is the workers' compensation carrier for all OHSU employees and registered volunteers who have a work related injury or condition that requires medical treatment. The Workers' Compensation Team of the Risk Management Department is here to:
  • Assist employees, volunteers and their supervisors and managers with reporting work related incidents, injuries exposures and conditions
  • Assist managers and supervisors with issues or concerns involving work related incidents and claims
  • Facilitate modified duty placement for employees with an open claim
  • Serve as a liaison between OHSU, SAIF and the employee's department
  • Provide assistance with timekeeping questions related to work injuries 
In the event you need assistance with the Worker & Student Injury Reporting System (WSIRS) or would like to request accommodation relating to use of WSIRS, please contact the Risk Management Department at 503-494-7189.


For additional information regarding Workers' Compensation, please visit:

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