OHSU purchases commercial Property Insurance from FM Global covering damage to OHSU real and personal property. Risk Management manages all claims under this line of coverage. 



There is a $1,000 deductible per claim payable by the responsible department.  Please call Risk Management for questions regarding maximum reimbursement information. 


Claim Reporting Process  

All property claims MUST be reported to Risk Management as soon as possible after the loss. Property claims filed after 90 days may be denied. Risk Management will work closely with Facilities Management and Public Safety to adjust the claim. If the loss is covered under the Property Insurance policy, Risk Management will repair or replace the equipment with like quality. Any enhancements are at the department’s cost. 

In the event of a loss, please follow these steps: 

  • Take whatever steps are immediately necessary to render emergency medical care, salvage property, or reduce the extent of the loss.
  • If possible, do not disturb the evidence or hazard that caused the claim until the area can be inspected, pictures should be taken, and conditions can be recorded.
  • Complete the OHSU Property Loss/Damage report.
    • Include: date, time, place, who or what was involved, witnesses (if any), how the incident happened, names, addresses, and estimated ages of persons involved; descriptions of injury, loss or damage; and action that was or will be taken to prevent a recurrence.
    • Attach copies of applicable letters, purchase orders, invoices, photographs and any other materials relating to the claim.
    • Provide the asset number or ITG assigned number.
  • Provide the name and phone number of a department contact person for claim follow-up.

Please contact the Risk Management Department at (503) 494-7189, or via email, if you have any questions.