Professional Liability


OHSU's enterprise-wide Risk Management Program includes a system for proactively identifying, managing and resolving claims. OHSU's claims philosophy is to identify early the cases of clear liability and resolve them through direct negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute methods. In cases where liability is not clear, or a case is defensible, we properly identify the key issues necessary to evaluate exposure and defend the case.

While significant efforts are made to avoid occurrences that result in claims, when an actual or potential claim is identified, the goals of the Risk Management Program are to foster: 

  • Early identification and reporting of potential or actual claims
  • Thorough and timely investigation
  • Effective and efficient management of open claims
  • Fair and equitable evaluation of claims 

Effective claims management involves a combination of systematic management processes and collaborative, interdisciplinary evaluation/decision-making and communication.  


Potentially Compensable Event (PCE) – Unexpected events causing injury or potential injury, and situations in which there have been some expression of dissatisfaction or perceived injury and which are likely to result in a claim being filed. 

Claim – A formal notification, in writing, that monetary damages are being sought from the health care organization by a third-party for an alleged injury.

Lawsuit – Those cases in which formal legal action for damages has been initiated.



Oregon Medical Board

Oregon State Board of Nursing

State of Oregon Board of Dentistry

Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules

Please contact the Risk Management Department at (503) 494-7189, or via email,  if you have any questions