OHSU is a self-insured entity for automobile liability and collision coverage on OHSU owned vehicles.

Auto insurance coverage dates are from July 1 to June 30 annually.All OHSU owned or leased vehicles receive a new Auto Insurance Packet at the end of each coverage year to be placed and kept in the glove box of the vehicle in case of an accident. To request an Auto Packet for a newly purchased vehicle please contact Risk Management at (503)494-7189 or via email


An insurance deductible of $1,000 will be charged to the responsible department.


If you are involved in an auto accident while on OHSU business and driving an OHSU-owned or rented vehicle, please follow these steps: 

At the scene of the accident:

  • If you have a camera available, take pictures of the damage to any vehicles or property involved
  • Do not discuss anything regarding who is at fault. Exchange driver/insurance information with the other party(ies).  Obtain names of all witnesses, along with their addresses and phone numbers for later contact.
  • Immediately report all accidents to your supervisor and Risk Management. Follow the steps outlined below. These steps should be followed regardless of whether there is involvement of any other vehicle or person in the accident, or if the vehicle was damaged while it was parked.

Claim reporting process:

  • Complete the OHSU Vehicle Accident Report found in the Insurance Packet located in the vehicle glove box.
  • You may need to file an accident report with the state DMV. Oregon law requires that an Accident and Insurance Report be filed with the DMV within 72 hours of the accident if the collision resulted in any of the following:
      1. Damage to any one person’s property
      2. Injury (no matter how minor)
      3. Death
      4. Any vehicle involved in the accident is towed from the scene as a result of damages
  • If you are injured in an auto accident while on the job, please complete a report via the Worker and Student Injury Reporting System.   Additional information regarding work related injuries, accidents or events in which there is a potential injury can be found in the Workers’ Compensation section of the Risk Management website.
Send the original report to the DMV and a copy of the report to Risk Management.  Your supervisor will coordinate reporting to Risk Management and Risk Management will coordinate with the department regarding arrangements for repairs to OHSU vehicles.

Use of Personal Vehicle for Work-Related Purposes 

Do you use your personal vehicle for OHSU business or work-related activities?  If so there are several things you should know: 

  • You are required to maintain a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance. Your manager must approve the use of the personal vehicle on OHSU business and approve carrying OHSU property in your vehicle.
  • When using a personal vehicle on OHSU business, your personal auto insurance will always be the primary coverage. Your personal auto policy should cover all property damage to your car. OHSU does not cover any property damage to your vehicle (collision or comprehensive coverage).
  • If you are in an accident while using your personal vehicle for OHSU business and the loss exceeds your auto’s liability policy limits, OHSU’s liability coverage may apply to amounts over the private auto’s policy limits. However, there are conditions that must be met before this coverage will take effect. You must be using the vehicle for authorized official OHSU business within OHSU directives.

Rental Cars While Traveling on OHSU business 


Please contact the Risk Management Department at (503) 494-7189, or via email, if you have any questions.