Threat Assessment

Police Officer Patch
OHSU has a multi-disciplinary threat assessment team (TAT) which combines the efforts, manpower, knowledge and resources of various OHSU departments for early intervention to de-escalate any potentially violent situation. The team works to balance confidentiality and the need to know with the right to privacy and the need to protect the OHSU community while working to prevent acts of violence and allow affected individuals to remain functional members of the workforce whenever possible.  This is a dynamic process which is evidence based where specific behaviors and situational factors are used to determine level of threat, safety planning and how to help mitigate a potential threat.

OHSU community members who observe, experience, or become aware of threats that constitute actual or potential workplace violence, or any potential threat of violence, shall report the information immediately to the Department of Public Safety by calling our dispatch center at 503 494-7744 and asking to speak with an officer who will gather facts, triage the threat or potential threat and activate the TAT when appropriate.

In Case of Emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503 494-4444.