Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual Assault is a Crime

The offenses of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking are crimes under the federal Clery Act and Oregon State Statutes, violations of the OHSU Student Conduct Code and prohibited behavior as forms of discrimination on the basis of sex under federal Title IX laws. Definitions are provided to aid in the understanding of terminology used to describe these types of incidents.

OHSU prohibits sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. University officials respond swiftly to all reports of these incidents to provide support services for those who have experienced sexual or relationship violence or stalking, protect the rights of students and employees under our Title IX and Clery obligations, apply our Code of Conduct, and cooperate fully with law enforcement.

Reporting Assault or Violence

When a sex offense is committed, it is imperative that the victim-survivor file a report as soon as possible with the OHSU Department of Public Safety or the Portland Police Bureau. Call 503 494-4444 on campus or 911 off campus. Preserving any physical evidence is necessary for successful investigation, arrest, and prosecution of the perpetrator(s). If the victim-survivor requires support, services are coordinated with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and other community resources.

On and Off Campus Resources

OHSU's goal is to keep you safe on campus and ensure that you have access to crime prevention tools and information about sexual assault support, resources, services and assistance.

In Case of Emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503 494-4444.