Weapons Policy

Police Officer Patch

OHSU policy states firearms are not allowed on our campus, including individuals with a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This includes individuals such as employees, students, vendors, volunteers, contractors and visitors. Some exceptions to the University policy include on-duty police officers, active military, corrections officers and armored car drivers.

Any patient or visitor who is outside of any building on the OHSU campus may legally carry a firearm if the firearm is concealed and the person holds a valid CHL issued by the State of Oregon. They may not possess the weapon inside of a building. OHSU policy reserves the right for a Public Safety Officer to perform a search of any individual suspected of possessing a firearm or weapon in violation of applicable law or OHSU policy. Those refusing to be searched may be denied entry to any part of OHSU property or be asked to leave OHSU property.

Anyone who suspects a violation of this policy should contact the Department of Public Safety immediately at 503 494-7744 (non-emergency) or 503 494-4444 (emergency).

A patient or visitor who wishes to temporarily relinquish a firearm or weapon while on OHSU property should contact Public Safety.  Anyone with safety concerns wishing to temporarily relinquish any firearm or weapon may request that Public Safety store the firearm or weapon on a temporary basis.   

Please refer to OHSU Policy No. 07-90-030