Safety Tips

Be safe walking on campus during late or early hours:

Use well-lighted paths and avoid shortcuts 

  • Look around and notice those around you.
  • Check the locations of emergency telephones along your route. Someone always answers.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies; program emergency numbers into speed dial if available.
  • Wear reflective clothing for visibility.
  • Adopt sign-in policies for visitors, office access controls and good lighting.
  • Attend safety training and use what's learned.
  • Recognize potentially violent individuals and report unusual and worrisome behavior. 
  • Be sure to read, understand and use company polices.
  • Encourage a culture of mutual respect and inclusion.

    Bicycle Safety 

    Vehicle Safety 

In Case of Emergency

Off Campus call 503 494-4444

On Campus call 4-4444