Audit and Advisory Services

Audit and Advisory Services provides independent audit and advisory consultation resources to managers, faculty and staff in accessing and monitoring the OHSU enterprise, which include audit, advisory, investigation and external audit coordination.

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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest ensures compliance and education of employees for OHSU's conflict of interest policies, which include:

  • Outside Activity disclosures
  • Executive Conflict of Interest disclosures
  • Conflict of Interest in Research disclosures
  • Gifts and Vendor Relationships

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Environmental Health and Radiation Safety

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety's highly skilled staff handle questions and concerns about the various aspects of occupational and environmental safety for all OHSU operations. These safety concerns include:
  • water quality
  • biological, chemical and radiation usage
  • waste minimization, handling and disposal
  • safety, health and operational regulations
  • training and education

Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

Healthcare Integrity


Healthcare Integrity fosters and supports a strong commitment to honest, ethical and legal behavior.  Through prevention, detection and correction, this program helps to minimize the risk of unlawful or improper behavior.

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Information Privacy and Security

Studying Data

Information Privacy and Security ensures OHSU appropriately protects the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information.  Activities include: 

  • departmental privacy and security training
  • incident investigation; policy clarification
  •  privacy complaint handling
  • computer system security assessments

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Integrity Education

Integrity Education

Integrity Education ensures compliance and education for the OHSU workforce through such venues as the Big Brain learning management system and the Code of Conduct, which help promote an environment based on respect while protecting private and confidential information.  Integrity Education works to add required and relevant courses to Big Brain as the need arises.  Core courses include HIPAA - Privacy and You, Respect at the University and OHSU Information Security.

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Research Integrity

Research Integrity

Research Integrity ensures compliance with all laws, regulations and guidelines that govern human, animal, basic science and applied science research at OHSU. Research Integrity provides professional support and oversight for the Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the Institutional Biosafety Committee, and the Conflict of Interest in Research Committee.

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